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Furniture movers in Overland Park offer the professional experience to make your next move a success. Mike Hammer’s Local Moving is a sound member of the community with over 20,000 successful moves. We analyze your home to find the best solution for loading and packing.

What are the Costs of Self-moving?

Moving from one home or business to another carries risk. Large furniture can damage walls, people can get injured, and fragile belongings may be broken. Self-moving also comes with hidden costs. Packaging materials, padding, truck rental, and finding help with large items requires spending money. The idea of moving on your own may seem like a cost-saving measure, but can result in spending more than you ever expected.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Mover?

To avoid hidden costs and increase the success of your move, a professional mover examines every aspect of the process. Our consultants, at Mike Hammer’s Local Moving, perform a walk-through of your home to find items that need to be padded and determine the best loading technique. Every aspect of our process is well-defined. We train our staff thoroughly and have helped tens of thousands of customers. Our experience supports accreditation by the Better Business Bureau and is the reason Expertise ranked us among the best movers in 2018.

What Services Does a Furniture Mover Provide?

Moving requires multiple tasks. To successfully pack, load, unload, unpack, and transport goods require careful plotting and analysis. Our professionals work with you from start to finish to create the ultimate experience. We provide in-house estimates, materials, and walk through your home on moving day to account for anything we may have missed. To ensure that there are no hidden costs, we provide an up-front assessment for your approval.

How Difficult is it to Move Large Furniture and Appliances?

While most items are easy to move, every home has large appliances and items that are too expensive to replace. The average cost of moving is 50 cents per pound. A new refrigerator can cost up to $1200. Keep your expensive appliances by using a professional to help you move. We ensure that your items do not damage your former and new residence or place of business by placing padding on the items and at the location. Our experts use proven techniques for loading and unloading as well. Heavy equipment requires additional people to help move as well. Dragging furniture is not a good option for either the furniture or location.

Should I Purchase Moving Insurance?

While our experts take painstaking care of your items, there is always the chance that an unforeseen event will greatly impact your items. Moving means transporting your goods and other drivers can always interfere with a smooth transition. Progressive and other companies such as eMove offer a full range of coverage. This helps resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Who are Highly Ranked Furniture Movers in Overland Park?

Kansas City is growing, and Mike Hammer’s Local Moving is growing with the city. Our accreditation’s, awards, and positive customer reviews reflect our dedication to customers service and care. We offer to help with every aspect of your move. Get in touch with one of our consultants today for a full estimate!

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