Terms and Conditions


Last updated: August 22nd, 2022

We charge a 4-hour minimum for all jobs we do.

We are hired on an hourly bases not by a job itself. The bill will be charged for the hours worked not the items moved.

We DO NOT make any changes over a phone call or take any new details about a job over a phone call. We keep all our moving details in writing over email, so we are on the same page with our customers. This keeps everything organized and prevents incorrect details.

We charge from when the truck leaves our lot ( Yard ) until we return to the lot ( Yard )

You must notify the movers if you need to remain within the initial estimate ( We DO NOT send Quotes ), We will continue working and billing the customer until the job is done unless we are told otherwise.

A full walk through before and after the job is a must and the customer is liable to notify the movers of the unlikely event of damages to property of any kind, and to provide them with proper proof of said damage before they leave the job to be covered under any insurance coverage. (Failure to do so in that time will result in forfeiture of right to secure damages from the mover.)

The movers will take a few short, reasonable breaks which the time clock will be stopped and not charged to the customer.

Our movers will take photos of any damages they come across to protect the security of the company.

The company cannot be held responsible for damages due to moving heavy, awkward items threw hallways, stairways etc. We do our best to properly protect your items, but some situations are humanly impossible to avoid.

The Customer is suggested to transport their own electronics (TV, Gaming Systems, Stereos, etc.) We can move and protect these items but since we cannot see the condition of these items on the inside without them being turned on, we cannot be responsible for the condition after the move.

We cannot transport any dangerous goods or anything Illegal (Explosives, Propane tank, fuel, chemicals, ammunition etc.) Any hidden in transportation without our knowledge in writing is and will be the responsibility of the customer to cover any damages, debt, fines etc

Customer or third parties will not be permitted to help load/unload our feet and that the company will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred during the move.

The scheduled time for your move is an estimate, moves before yours, traffic, Weigh Scales, ferry wait times etc. Can push our arrival or departure time.

For any out of town moves ( Nanaimo ) we will request a half deposit to secure your move. And 25% deposit for all Nanaimo booked jobs.

Cancellation 48 hours or less is subject to $250.00 fee for us to rec›over loss of jobs for your move date we secured for you.

The Company is not responsible for any damages to the customer’s property if customer provides their own third-party help / moves items themselves.

If we come across any sort of pest’s during the move, we have the right to refuse the job until the pest’s are exterminated, and there will be a cleaning fee charged of $150.00 per truck.

For us to do your move as efficient as possible, open boxes, items in bags, unpacked items, and unorganized households and lose items will make Your move take longer than expected. We have all the moving supplies, and we offer packing services if you need assistance.

An Equipment, Supplies & Fuel Surcharge will be added to your invoice, on any service we provide.

It is the customer’s responsibility to give us full detail of the belongings Not properly notifying us of how much belongings you have could result in us estimating you a smaller truck which will end up costing you more money by having to do a few loads.

$100.00 Storage fees apply per day, when stored in our cube trucks.

The final bill is owed and paid upon completion of the job (When the movers finish the job), and that we only accept Cash and Interac® E-Transfer, Credit Cards and Debit. NO CHEQUES. Invoices that aren’t paid will be subject to collections, Interest fees, and any other fees subject to outstanding bill.

The movers have the right to refuse anything unsafe or health and safety concerns. If the customer and mover agree we can do whatever it may be without liability to the company. Please note Health and safety to protect our staff is taken seriously. Any mouse/rat droppings, pest, mold, asbestos, Drug Paraphernalia, Human Feces or Urine, Dirty, Icy, snowy walkways/driveways etc. We will ask you to fix the problem to avoid denial of our services until issue is solved.

It’s the customers responsibility to protect their valuable items during their move, we provide the proper moving equipment for travels.

Chargeable Credit Card Fees: Visa 1.43% – Mastercard 1.08% – American Express 2.49% – Discover 1.7% – Subject to change without warning

Our rates can change without notice, Customer will be charged for the rate they were estimated for.

If the bill is paid by third party and not the customer stated on this bill of lading the customer must complete the full information of the third party on page one and third party must be present at the end of the job to pay the full bill. If third party isn’t there and payment isn’t made the customer is liable to pay the full bill.

The mover will complete a damage sheet, and in the unlikely event of damage being done by the movers/sub-contractors it will be written/photographed below and signed by both parties.

Insurance does not cover any damages after the crew leaves. Please provide any damages before the end of the job! This needs to be written and signed upon on page 4 of this bill of lading.

When booking with us the Customer ( You ) agree and understand our Bill of Lading and the Terms & Conditions.






Our plan provides the following coverage:


ATTENDANCE: The client or their designate are required to attend load and unload process until completion.


Extended Insurance Plans: You are provided with a free .60 cents per pound (of items not repairable). We have extended options in case of major damages (Customer has to purchase this extended insurance before we start your move, these plans aren’t available during the move)

  1. $1.00 per pound $50.00 (+ taxes)                          $2.00 per pound $100.00 (+ taxes)

All claims must be submitted in writing below ( Damage form Page 4 ) upon completion of the move, email us claim details and photos of damage to info@takealoadoffmoving.com